Food Review: Pieworks

Today Chris and I went to Pieworks (Greensboro, NC) for lunch.  I’ve been craving pizza lately, but with starting the gluten-free diet I was nervous to try out a gluten-free crust.  Pieworks is one of my favorite pizza places (and I’m pretty tough on Southern pizza places after having pizza from the North) and I was very excited to learn that they offered a crust that I could eat and still stick to my diet.


The decor inside the restaurant is simple, yet elegant.  It’s not too overbearing and makes for a comfortable space.  Pieworks moved from a stand-alone building to a suite a couple years ago.  The new space feels much smaller, but offers a more upscale environment.  The only bad thing is that the dining room gets really crowded, and when you’re there at the peak of dinner service it gets hard to move around and can be uncomfortable.  I recommend going to lunch over dinner because it’s usually not very busy earlier in the day.

Rating: A


The service at Pieworks is always great, and today was no exception.  We were seated and served promptly.  Our waitress was very knowledgeable about the menu.  I asked her if the salad dressing was made in-house and she informed me that they received it through their food distributor.  She did offer to ask if the dressing I had (raspberry vinaigrette) was available in a grocery store.  I was very impressed at her willingness to go the extra mile to answer my question.

Rating: A+


Chris and I shared the 10″ Gluten-Free Pizza ($14.95 before toppings).  This is just a crust and you pick which toppings you would like.  We chose pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.  I also had a Side Salad (Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons and shaved Parmesan cheese….$2.95) with Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.


After looking back over the menu, I realized that the kitchen actually made a House Salad for me (Fresh Romaine lettuce with tomatoes, sliced red onion, cucumber and croutons).  I asked for the salad without the croutons to keep the salad gluten-free.  As you can see from the above picture, there was only one cucumber and one tomato.  I would’ve preferred a little more of both, especially since I didn’t have any croutons or cheese.  I also took the onion off.  I’m not much of a salad eater, but I was really pleased with the lettuce.  It was fresh and crisp and overall pretty tasty.  The dressing was delicious.  It was rich, sweet and slightly tangy.  I only used a little of the dressing in the cup and it was plenty.

The pizza arrived looking much more appetizing than I was expecting.


The pizza was covered in cheese and had a perfect amount of pepperoni.  It smelled absolutely amazing.  The sauce was also applied in a perfect proportion to the toppings, so it wasn’t too saucy or too dry.  Pieworks’ sauce is also really delicious.  It has a zesty taste without being too spicy.

Now for the most surprising thing, possibly ever: the crust was good!  I was definitely not expecting to like the crust.  The texture was a little chewy, but overall it had a good taste.  I would eat it again.  If you know me, you know I don’t try new things very often and when I do, I usually don’t care for them.  This gluten-free pizza crust surprised me and I’m happy that I know I can return to Pieworks and still eat within my diet.  Overall, the pizza was very yummy and both Chris and I enjoyed it.


A delicious slice of pizza with grated Parmesan cheese

Rating: A

I recommend Pieworks to any pizza lover.  I have never been disappointed anytime I’ve dined here.  I’m pleased to say that I can now recommend the gluten-free crust, in addition to the other crust options.  If you go, I also recommend trying the Stix & Dippers (Six large, fresh, hand rolled breadstix buttered and sprinkled with our own cheese mix. Your choice of three dippers: marinara, garlic butter, barbecue, ranch, Blue cheese, Parmesan & peppercorn or honey mustard…..Half $4.25/Full $6.50) as an appetizer.  The bread sticks are always tender and taste divine.  The dippers are also very delicious and complement the bread well.

Overall Rating: A

You can visit Pieworks online at


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