Food Review: [B]Ski’s

Hello everyone! I spent this past weekend in Durham, NC with my boyfriend Daniel.  We celebrated our anniversary (3 years!) with lots and lots of food, almost none of which was gluten-free (sadly).  One of the places we visited was [B]Ski’s, located on Franklin Street in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC.  I was first introduced to [B]Ski’s in my freshman year of college and I always make sure to visit when I’m in the area.

Side note: Sorry for the delay in publishing this post. I started it on Monday and never got a chance to finish it.


The decor inside the restaurant is very simple.  There are posters and Carolina pennants on the walls and one HDTV, for keeping up with sports, of course.  There is plenty of seating, which is awesome because the place can get really crowded after the clubs on Franklin close at 2:00 am.

Rating (considering the location): A


[B]Ski’s is a mix of self-service and table service.  You walk in and order your food at the counter and the cashier gives you a number placard for your order.  If you get a drink, you fill your cup yourself at the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine (more on this in the Food category).  After choosing a seat, you put your number on the edge of the table and the food is brought to you by one of the friendly kitchen staff.

I like the mixture of services because if you need a refill you don’t have to wait on someone to bring it to you.  Also, waiting for someone to bring your food to the table is a lot easier than having to listen for your number to be called and wading through the other diners to retrieve your order.  On this visit, both the cashier and the waitress were very friendly.  I have always found [B]Ski’s cashiers to be extremely knowledgeable about the menu and they are helpful with making recommendations if you’re struggling to choose just one of the delicious wraps they offer.

Rating: A+


Now on to the best part! You may be wondering what exactly [B]Ski’s serves.  Quite simply, this is a tortilla wrap grill.  A “ski” is a tortilla filled with all sorts of delicious ingredients– chicken tenders, steak, veggies, cheese, an assortment of condiments, etc.  They even offer breakfast skis for those who are craving eggs and bacon after a long night of dancing.

(From top to bottom)AK-Ski, medium fries, Original T-Ski

(From top to bottom)
A.K. Ski, medium fries, Original- T Ski

Daniel ordered the A.K. Ski (Chicken tenders smothered in hot sauce, pepper jack, lettuce and ranch…..$6.75) and I ordered my favorite and go-to ski, the Original-T Ski (Chicken tenders, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo…..$6.75).  I’m not a huge fan of lettuce, so I asked them to leave it out.  I also made my meal a combo with a drink and medium fries for an additional $3.25.  The fries are generously portioned and enough to share.  There’s no way I could finish a medium fry by myself after eating my wrap.  The fries aren’t consistent, though.  On some visits they are perfectly cooked and crispy.  Other times they’re a bit soggy and greasy.  This time, I was pleased that the fries were crispy and hot.

The skis are always stuffed full with delicious ingredients.  I find it easier to eat the wrap if you cut it in half.  This also allows you to portion it and take the other half home for a late night snack.

Daniel said that his A.K. Ski was fantastic.  It had just the right amount of hot sauce and the pepper jack and ranch added delicious flavor.  He also commented that the chicken was tender and juicy. The A.K. Ski is one of the most popular skis at [B]Ski’s.  If you like hot wings, this wrap is definitely for you.

My Original-T Ski usually never disappoints.  I like how the cheddar melts and sticks to the tenders and the tortilla so you get cheese with every bite.  I also really love mayo, and I like how it adds a nice flavor to the wrap.  One day I would like to try this ski with ranch.  On this visit, the chicken tenders were a little overcooked so they were a bit too tough.  This is the first time I’ve had a bad experience with the chicken in 6 years of eating at [B]Ski’s, so the food is pretty consistent.

One of my favorite things about [B]Ski’s is that they offer drinks from a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.  If you’ve never been to a restaurant that has one of these, you’re really missing out! The machine is a touch screen and you select your soda (Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, etc).  This then brings you to a second menu that offers different flavors.  I always get Coke Lime because you can’t find that in bottles at the grocery store anymore.  There are other interesting flavor combinations, like Raspberry Coke, Grape Sprite and Peach Fanta.  I’ve seen these machines popping up in restaurants all over the Triad and Triangle, and hopefully it won’t be long before most establishments have them.  If you’re interested in finding a restaurant with a Coca-Cola Freestyle in your area, you can visit their website here.

Rating: B+ (because of the inconsistent fries and the overcooked chicken on this visit)

If you’re in Chapel Hill, I really recommend visiting [B]Ski’s.  It’s a great local restaurant and it offers a lot of variety.  They offer late night hours and a delivery service.  If you’re not on campus and need to drive to Franklin Street, you can park in one of the parking decks or find a metered space on Franklin.  I would recommend visiting on the weekend as there is usually less traffic and it’s much easier to find a parking space.

[B]Ski’s is now offering franchising opportunities.  I would absolutely love it if someone could open one up in High Point or Greensboro!

Overall Rating: A-

[B]Ski’s is located at 147 E Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, NC.  For more information, please visit their website at


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