Christmas Trifle

Hello everyone! I hope y’all had a fabulous week.  We had about 4 inches of snow in High Point, NC, which is pretty unusual for us.  I love snow, so I was really happy that we actually got some.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty much all melted now.  Maybe we’ll get more before the winter is over.

Today I’m doing a different entry than my normal food reviews.  I just wanted to share a special dessert that my family had for Christmas dinner.  My dad is an excellent cook and used to be a pastry chef and baker, so our food is always delicious.  When he decided to make this homemade trifle for our Christmas dessert, no one complained.

Christmas Trifle

Christmas Chocolate Trifle

To make this trifle, you need chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a Heath bar or two.  All of the ingredients in this dessert are homemade, and my dad doesn’t use a recipe so I can’t give you the exact measurements for everything.

Basically, you bake a chocolate cake and cut it up into squares.  To assemble the trifle, use a trifle dish and begin layering with chocolate cake.  Then, drizzle chocolate sauce over the cake and add a layer of chocolate mousse.  Next, add a layer of whipped cream and repeat.  You will only need to make two layers.  Make sure you smooth out the whipped cream on your top layer.  Crumble your Heath bars and sprinkle them on top.

I love this dessert because even though it is all chocolate, you get a lot of different flavors and textures.  The Heath bar on top gives it a little crunch, and the smoothness of the whipped cream and chocolate mousse blend perfectly which the cake.  The chocolate sauce helps to give the cake a little more moisture, and of course add to the flavor.

I do have to warn you that this trifle is extremely rich, so please enjoy it with a glass of milk! If you like chocolate then you will absolutely love this dessert.  I give it an A.

If you’re interested in making this dessert, I found a similar recipe here.  If you try the recipe, comment and let me know what you think.


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