A Pretty, Unremarkable Mani

Hi guys! I just finished doing my nails for the weekend and thought I’d share with you.  This is a manicure of “firsts” because I used my first Essie and first Zoya polishes.  I’m testing out colors to use for Valentine’s Day and thought these looked pretty next to each other.  Let me know what you think!

I used Zoya Erika for my main color.  This is a really pretty soft pink with gold shimmer.  The formula was amazing.  It applied smoothly and once I built up the layers the color really came out.  This is a sheer polish so I used three coats to get it opaque.

For my accent nail I used Essie Marshmallow (I read about it here and just had to pick it up at Ulta).  I then topped it off with Nicole by OPI Heavenly Angel (part of the Selena Gomez collection).  I already reviewed Heavenly Angel here, and I knew it would look stunning over a white polish.  I have to admit that I’m scared of white polishes.  Marshmallow is the first one I’ve used in quite awhile, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it go on without streaking.  It’s also a beautiful white because it’s not too bright.  I used three coats on my nail to get the opacity I desired.  I’m glad to report that it has cured my white polish phobia.

PS: I really need to get better at photographing my nails, or get a new camera…some of these pictures aren’t doing it for me.

From left to right
Essie Marshmallow, Nicole by OPI Heavenly Angel and Zoya Erika

Picture without flash

With flash

With Essie bottle

With Zoya bottle

With Zoya again

Different lighting for a slightly better picture

No flash


Product Review: Glade Expressions Collection

Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing you something new: a product review that isn’t about food or makeup! It’s a little different for the blog, but I’m branching out and wanted to do some other reviews for you guys.

Today I’m reviewing two products from the Glade Expressions Collection, the Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist.  I got both of these products for free through the BzzAgent program.  They sent me coupons to get these two products for free and I’m very happy that I get to share them with you.

Left: Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser in Fuji Apple & Cardamom SpiceRight: Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist in Pineapple & Mangosteen

Left: Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser in Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice
Right: Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist in Pineapple & Mangosteen

First, I’ll review the Oil Diffuser.  In the past, I’ve had oil diffuser bottles with reeds in my house.  What I found was that the scents in the bottles last for a few weeks, but then you have to change out the sticks and the oil which can be pretty messy.  Also, it’s easy to accidentally knock the oil bottle over and make a huge mess.  I was happy to see that the Glade Expressions oil diffuser has a “no-spill” design.  I tested this out when I walked my completed oil diffuser upstairs to my room.  It didn’t make a mess at all, so I’m really pleased that this diffuser is portable and I’m happy to know that even if I do accidentally upset it, I won’t be cleaning oil out of my carpet.

Oil Diffuser in Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice

Oil Diffuser Starter Kit in Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice

Putting the oil diffuser together is really easy.  Inside the starter kit is your refillable holder, oil bottle and a scent card.

Fragrance Diffuser Parts
Left: Refillable holder
Right: Oil bottle
Bottom: Scent card

Simply take the oil bottle out of the holder and snap the scent card into the bottle until it clicks.  Then, place the bottle back inside the holder.  Set up literally takes 30 seconds.  You can immediately smell the fragrance coming out of your diffuser, and let me tell you, it is heavenly.

Completed oil diffuser

The Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice fragrance was a good choice for me.  I love the scent of apples in the fall and I feel like it makes my home smell so warm and cozy.  Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice smells like you’re baking an apple pie.  I love the fresh scent of the apples with the warm undertone of the cardamom.  I really recommend this scent if you’re a fan of apples.

I also picked up the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist in Pineapple & Mangosteen.

Glade Expressions Starter Kit in Pineapple & Mangosteen

This product is also really easy to assemble.  The starter kit comes already assembled, but I took it apart to see how it works, and also to show you guys.

You just take off the starter kit label, unscrew the bottom of the holder and tap the holder with your palm to release the fragrance refill.

Fragrance Mist Starter Kit
Left: Fragrance refill
Right: Holder
Bottom: Screw-on bottom for holder

When you need to refill your holder, just remove the top of the refill, insert it into the holder and screw the bottom of the holder on.  This product also takes about 30 seconds to assemble.  It’s very user-friendly.

Completed Fragrance Mist

To spray the fragrance, you just squeeze the sides at the top of the holder and a nice mist comes out.  I sprayed the fragrance all over my room and was delighted at how it eliminated odors (I have pets and they tend to have accidents on my carpet, leaving a musty smell in my room).  The fragrance was really bold for about 15 minutes and my room still smells very pleasant.  Compared to my usual Febreeze, the Glade Fragrance Mist does a better job at eliminating odors.  Also, the holder is pretty stylish.

The Pineapple & Mangosteen fragrance is very tropical and reminds me of the beach.  It was a great choice for such a dreary day! Once I sprayed it I immediately thought of a bright, sunny day on an island (no kidding).  The scent is really fresh and fruity and is perfect for someone who loves tropical fragrances.

Both the Oil Diffuser Starter Kit and the Fragrance Mist Starter Kit are reasonably priced.  Even though I had coupons to receive them for free, I noted the prices.  I purchased both products at Target, but they are also available at WalMart and some drug stores.  The Oil Diffuser was $5.99 and the Fragrance Mist was $2.99.  These prices are great for such quality fragrances.  I definitely recommend going to pick these up for your home.  You’ll be delighted with how warm and inviting your space will feel after using these products.

If you’d like to try either product, I have coupons for both! I have a $4.00 coupon for the Oil Diffuser Starter Kit and a $2.00 coupon for the Fragrance Mist Starter Kit.  I posted both coupons on my Facebook, but I can also mail you a coupon if you prefer.  Just let me know if you’d like a coupon, or if you’ve already tried these products in the comments.  Which scent is your favorite?

Super Bowl OPI Style!

Happy Super Bowl Eve to all! Even though my team (the Packers) didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, I’m still excited to watch the game, enjoy the commercials and eat delicious food.

Earlier this week I saw this awesome idea for a manicure posted on OPI’s Facebook.  I knew immediately that I wanted to do it.


I’m cheering for the Ravens this year, so I decided to deck my nails out in black, purple and gold.  I already had Black Onyx and Goldeneye, so I ran to Ulta to pick up a purple polish.  Pamplona Purple isn’t close to the Ravens purple so I searched the racks of OPI polish for a closer color.  I couldn’t find an OPI purple that would do the trick, so I ended up getting China Glaze Coconut Kiss.  It worked wonderfully and is much closer to the Ravens color than the polish suggested by OPI.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t do a full OPI mani, but I’m happy with the way it turned out.

OPI Mani Bowl polishes(From left to right)Black Onyx, China Glaze Coconut Kiss and Goldeneye

OPI Mani Bowl polishes
(From left to right)
Black Onyx, China Glaze Coconut Kiss and Goldeneye

I’m horrible at nail art, so unfortunately I couldn’t get super fancy with this manicure.  I just did three purple nails, one black accent nail and one gold accent nail.  I love the color combo on my fingers!  I must also say that Goldeneye is a beautiful color.  I bought it when the Skyfall collection first debuted and it was sitting in my box of untried polishes.  I’ve been waiting for an occasion to use it so I’m glad I happened across the Mani Bowl! I’m very pleased with the formula and I only had to apply two coats because it has great coverage.

I’m also excited about Coconut Kiss because it’s my first China Glaze polish! When I opened the bottle I was worried about the brush.  OPI polishes have a wide brush that makes it easier for me to apply the polish.  The China Glaze brush is long and skinny.  I was happy to find out that the polish went on smoothly and the brush provided good coverage.  I used two coats of Coconut Kiss for this manicure.

In case you were wondering, Black Onyx is one of the best black polishes I’ve ever used, which is saying a lot (oh hello gothic high school days!).  It applies smoothly and is opaque in one coat, but I used two because I wanted a darker black.

Below are the pictures of my mani.  I used OPI Chip Skip and one coat of Seche Vite on all nails.

100_0041 100_0043 100_0048 100_0049 100_0050

So, are you watching the game? Who are you cheering for? Would you like to participate in the OPI Mani Bowl? I’d love to hear your responses in the comments!