Food Review: Nick’s Old Fashion Hamburger House

As promised, I’m delivering a long-awaited food review.  And of course it has to do with this blog’s namesake, cheeseburgers! Enjoy.

My dinner buddy Chris and I ate at Nick’s Old Fashion Hamburger House located in Welcome, NC back in July.  Being a floating teller with BB&T, I get to go to lots of new places and discover new restaurants.  When I worked at the BB&T office in Welcome, I recognized Nick’s as a place I’d seen on my Google Local.  I was anxious to try it because I read a few good reviews on the place.  Let me tell you, this place did not disappoint!

Usually I would blog about the decor, service and food but I feel like changing the food review format up a bit.  I’ll touch on all of these things but the entry won’t be broken down into categories.

Nick’s is a small restaurant located in a shopping center on Old Highway 52.  The restaurant does not offer a lot of seating, so Chris and I had to eat in the car because the place was packed when we got there around 7:00 pm.  The decor inside is simple.  There are old-timey photos on the wall of local people and places.  It makes the restaurant feel homey and comfortable.

The service is great, but a little slow.  The cashier took our order promptly and efficiently, but we did have to wait about 20 minutes for the food.  That wasn’t a problem for me because the restaurant was very busy and everything is cooked to order.  If you go around a busy time, expect to wait.  Otherwise, the place is very friendly and welcoming.

Now on to the best part: the food!

Chris and I both ordered cheeseburgers and we shared a basket of fries.  Our to go order was packaged very nicely in a cute little box.  I thought this was a nice touch.

Our nicely packaged to go order

Our nicely packaged to go order

Inside the box

Inside the box

Chris ordered a cheeseburger on a pretzel bun.

Pretzel Burger

Pretzel Burger

He said that this burger was juicy and that the toppings were fresh and crisp.  This is so important for a burger.  If you have wilted lettuce or mushy tomatoes, it really takes away from the taste.  This wasn’t the case at Nick’s.  The veggies tasted great and completed the burger.  Chris also commented that the pretzel bun was nice and soft and had a wonderful flavor.  He really enjoyed the burger overall.

I’m a plain Jane type of person and like my burgers with very little toppings.  I ordered a cheeseburger with pickles and mayo only.



Here you can see underneath the bun.  The cheese is all melted, which is awesome.  Also, the amount of pickles and mayo on the burger was very much to my liking.  I love pickles and I really love mayo, so I was happy to see that Nick’s didn’t skimp on these toppings.  The pickles were crisp and had a wonderful flavor.  The burger was cheesy and tasted delightful.  The bun had a nice toasted texture as well.

Underneath the bun

Underneath the bun

One thing Chris and I really liked about Nick’s is that they hand-form their patties and cook them on a hot flat top grill.  No two burgers look the same and they’re not perfectly formed either.  The burgers have an excellent fresh taste.  If you’re looking for a great handmade cheeseburger, head on over to Nick’s.

The fries were also very good.  They were nice and crispy and hot.  They were not over or under cooked, and they weren’t greasy.  Nick’s also serves sweet potato fries if you’re looking for an alternative option to the regular crinkle fry.

Overall Nick’s is a great local restaurant with some really tasty burgers.  They also serve ice cream and milkshakes, but I didn’t try any dessert offerings on this trip.  I recommend Nick’s to my fellow burger lovers.  This is seriously a great place to grab a burger and some fries and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  If you’re in the Welcome/Lexington area, stop by Nick’s.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Nick’s Old Fashion Hamburger House is located at 6999 Old US Highway 52 in Welcome, NC.  For more information and to view their menu, please visit their website at


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